Investment in Indonesia - Arfadia Candi Araca Milk
Investment in Indonesia – Arfadia Candi Araca Milk

Investment in Indonesia – After the sudden hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is currently trying to get everything back in order. A lot of investors are wary about their investment while wondering about the secure option of investment in the future. Luckily, an investment in Indonesia might be the right answer.

When it comes to investing, a good business fundamental is important. There are many types of investment, yet not all are secure during tough times, just like now. In this article, we will provide you with information about where to invest in Indonesia, and why it could be a suitable option.

The Shadow of Global Recession

Investment in Indonesia - Arfadia Candi Araca Milk
Investment in Indonesia – Arfadia Candi Araca Milk

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the public has been going in an uproar about the possibility of a recession. Even now that it is transitioning into an endemic, the uproar has not gone down yet.

The uproar isn’t caused by nothing, as there are many factors that might trigger the recession. For example, the rising global interest rates and geopolitical instability. On a smaller scale, inflation, company layoffs, and natural disasters that might damage economic productivity.

But before we go further, it is best to know what exactly a recession is.

Shortly explained, a recession is a condition where economic activities are slowing down or even taking a downfall.

However, a recession never happens abruptly. Generally, the slowing down has to happen in two consecutive quarters before it can be considered one. But, when it happens, it can possibly happen for a long time and might affect everyone in the long run.

The impact of recession affects everyone in every tier. On the individual level, a lot of layoffs can happen. Moreover, businesses might be closing, and the government might deal with increasing unemployment. Sooner or later, the damage would snowball into another aspect of life.

Over the past seven decades, the world has been going on a global recession four times. It happened in 1975, 1982, 1991, and 2009, with the 2009 recession having the longest period which is 18 months.

Now, let’s go back to the present times.

According to the Economist, one of the main reasons that might cause the 2023 recession is the political turmoil in Ukraine and Russia.

However, the sad news is that both countries are the largest supplier of certain commodities, such as grains and nickel. The insufficiency of the commodities then affects many other countries, even the US and China.

Moreover, the intensity is rising not only in the countries but also in the alliances. So, the impact is truly snowballing throughout the world.

However, you do not need to worry. The fact is, the status of 2023 global recessions is still unsure. Even if it happens, there is no way to know how long it will be. So, all you have to do is to take care of your financial situation as well as possible. Investment in Indonesia –


Recession in Indonesia and The Possibility of Investing

Investment in Indonesia - Arfadia Candi Araca Milk
Investment in Indonesia – Arfadia Candi Araca Milk


When it comes to investing during a recession, there are many options you can take. Some of them are asset diversification and investing in high-quality assets.

However, investing during economic trials is not something you should take lightly. There are various important factors at play, and one of them is the condition of the country you are investing in.

Therefore, what about investing in Indonesia? Is it safe to invest in Indonesia to face the recession? 

According to Jakarta Post,  Indonesia is less likely to be impacted by the possibility of the 2023 global recession. In fact, the country is likely to grow despite the global turmoil. Even though there might be inflation, it is not enough to shake the economic environment as a whole.

That fact is a strong reason why Indonesia can be a good channel for investment. In fact, according to BKPM (Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board), Indonesia is resilient enough to get off the instability, to the point it lures investors around.

Now, before you choose the best investment channel in Indonesia, it is best to know the four types of investment. This way, you can categorize all options and choose the one that suits you best.

Based on the time frame of return, there are four types of investment you can make, and those are:

  • Short-term Investment.

Short-term investment is the kind of investment where you get the return in 1 to 3 years. Generally, you can easily cash in this type of investment. Examples of this investment are government bonds and treasury bills.

Despite the benefit, there are also risks regarding this investment. There might be a possibility of a reduced rate of return due to inflation. Moreover, the added experience might be handy to invest short-term, as you ought to read the return flow.

  • Medium-term Investment.

Even though this is a medium-period investment, the definition may vary for each investor. But, typically, a medium-term investment is an investment with 3 to 8 years of return.

Due to the nature of the investment, getting a high return is as easy as cashing in when the selling price is higher than the buying price.

However, to dwell in this type of investment, you should not make decisions on baseless assumptions. Deep knowledge and strategy of the market are required so you can gain the best benefit.

  • Long-term Investment

When it comes to cutting unnecessary costs, long-term investment is your best bet. The number one reason is that a long-term investment only requires a one-time fee payment. It is much cheaper than other payment methods requiring regular selling-buying activity.

Usually, this kind of investment gives a return of more than 8 years. Examples of this investment are real estate and retirement saving schemes. As you can see, even though this type of investment is not easy to cash in, it can give you a sense of peace.

However, the long-term investment market is quite volatile. So, make sure that when you invest long-term, choose the channel with strong fundamentals.

Aside from knowing the return rate and period of investing, you should know more about the market you are about to enter. You can always consult and get professional input if you are still unsure. Investment in Indonesia.


Where to Invest in Indonesia (Investment in Indonesia) ?

Now that you understand the current situation, it is time to put your money in the right place. Care to invest in Indonesia? Here are some of the industries you can put your capital.


1. Digitalization Industry: Arfadia Digital Marketing Agency

Investment in Indonesia - Arfadia
Investment in Indonesia – Arfadia

The internet and the digitalization industry have been around for quite some time. However, nothing in history could accelerate the development of the industry as fast as the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitalization happens almost in every aspect of business, especially digital marketing.

Regarding the digital environment, Indonesia is heading in a positive direction. According to Fulcrum SG, the country’s mobile penetration grew 35% from 2019 to 2021. It means the industry still has a lot of future, making it a great investment area. And one of the digital industry players is Arfadia.

Arfadia is one of the biggest agencies in Indonesia, and it has been running for over a decade. Their scope of work includes, but is not limited to, website and mobile app optimization, digital marketing, corporate branding, and many more. Their client ranges from individual companies to government institutions.


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Right now, Arfadia is open to anyone who wants to reach out and diversify the investment. Moreover, there are various ways to invest in PT. Arfadia Digital Indonesia, and you can get the one most suitable for you. If you are interested, Arfadia’s team is more than happy to assist you through these channels.

PT. Arfadia Digital Indonesia

Business Address : Raudha Building 1st Floor. JL. Kuningan Barat II No. 21, Mampang Prapatan. Jakarta Selatan, 12710, Indonesia.


2. Tourist Media Platform & Startup: Candi id

Investment in Indonesia - Candi
Investment in Indonesia – Candi

Before the internet, the information on travel destinations was limited and only accessible to a small part of the world. Where to go? Where to stay? What to do? What to eat? When it comes to traveling, finding answers to those questions was challenging.

However, through social media, that kind of problem rarely occurs anymore. Nowadays, travelers depend on social media to find the answer to the questions above. Almost a third of people use social media to find traveling ideas, and around 86% of them reach the place. pada liburan di Bali ga? Weekend kemarin Bali rame banget. Ada yg udah cobain naik Fly Bali Heli atau rent car mobil di Bali Agung Trans?♬ Milkshake Showmusik Dance Mix – Showmusik Sounds

The stats show how impactful social media is to the travel industry. Therefore, the presence of media that provides valid and relevant information about travel destinations is needed. And, is one of the answers. is a start-up media company providing information on Bali destinations. The island is flourishing pre-pandemics, and despite the long pandemic, its popularity has never decreased. In fact, Statista reported that in 2019 alone Bali records 6,28 million arrivals.

At a glance, the future of as a reliable Balinese travel information provider is quite bright. That is why wants to invite you to be a part of Bali’s revitalization by investing. Check their channels to find out the available investing option.

3. Agricultural Industry: Araca Milk and Goat Farmland

Best Goat Milk - Araca Milk
Best Goat Milk – Araca Milk

Being an agricultural country, Indonesia never lacks natural resources to utilize. However, there is so much untapped potential, especially in the livestock farming industry.

According to BPS, two of the most popular livestock commodities, which are cattle and poultry have grown in the last seven years. However, one that deserves more spotlight is Indonesia’s goat farmland, especially dairy goats. 

Etawa goat is the most popular dairy goat due to its quality of milk. Etawa goat’s milk is very beneficial for health. For example, it strengthens the immune system, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and revitalizes undernourished kids.

Moreover, almost all of the goat’s other byproducts are beneficial. The meat can be sold for consumption, the skin for leather products and the excrement can be used as an organic fertilizer. Furthermore, a goat is very easy to maintain and has a short reproduction cycle, which means you can reap the benefit faster.

Despite the abundance of benefits, there are few players in the goat market. In fact, according to BPS, (Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics), a lot of goat farmers mainly concentrates in Java.

The fact means that there are uncultivated opportunities for goat land farms outside of Java. According to the same statistics, there are other goat farmers in Sumatera, Celebes, and Nusa Tenggara. However, there are only a few in Bali, and that is what Araca Milk aims for.

Araca Milk is newly-established goat farmland, as well as a bottled goat milk producer in Sikilalang, Bali. Despite being located in a village in Bali, Araca Milk applies the international standard for both technology and knowledge for their standard operational procedures.

Araca - Goat Milk For Pet
Araca – Goat Milk For Pet

That thorough effort makes Araca Milk’s products fresh, clean, and odorless. Moreover, Araca Milk is the first bottled goat milk producer in Indonesia.

Business-wise, Araca Milk has a thorough management procedure that focuses on making good money without harming their consumer or the environment. Contact them if you would like to invest. Investment in Indonesia. Jual Susu Kambing Etawa

PT. Araca Milk Industry

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.10, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Key Takeaways

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 truly turned the world upside down all of a sudden. Due to that, the threat of global recession soars in the sky. And even though it is still an assumption, economists and global institutions are making forecasts, saying it is quite likely to happen.

Due to that, it is important to be ready. One of the ways to face the looming threat of recession is by making an investment in Indonesia. It is because, according to economists, Indonesia is not deeply affected by the situation. Thus, the country can be a safe haven for your capital. Investment in Indonesia.



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