Biggest Goat Milk Farm - Araca Milk
Biggest Goat Milk Farm – Araca Milk

Investing Prospect : One of the Biggest Goat Milk Farm in Indonesia – Recently, the public demand for Indonesian goat milk has increased rapidly, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has positively impacted the goat milk farming in Indonesia.

Goat milk is thought to help improve and maintain the body’s immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many studies have shown goat milk to be a highly nutritious drink. The nutritional content is not inferior to cow milk. 

Furthermore, people who consume goat milk do not experience the health problems that often occur.Therefore, goat milk can be a potential alternative for consumers who are allergic to cow’s milk. 

The high demand for goat milk has great potential for industrial development of the livestock sector. Investing money in the goat milk farming

Invest in Goat Milk Farm - Araca Milk
Invest in Goat Milk Farm – Araca Milk

is therefore the right choice. This article discusses the prospects of the goat milk farming, especially in Indonesia. You will also learn about the functions and benefits of goat milk in your daily life.


Why is the Goat Milk Farming the Best Place to Invest?

Indonesia’s position in the tropics is conducive to animal husbandry activities. This geographical location allows Indonesia to enjoy the sun and rain all year round. This will ensure the ready availability of various livestock activities such as water and feed in Indonesia.

One of the promising livestock companies in Indonesia is the goat milk farm. The public highly values goat’s milk for its nutritional value and its effectiveness as a medicine for certain ailments. Indonesian goat milk production is derived from overseas dams and crossbred dairy goats adapted to tropical environmental conditions in Indonesia.

Some of these opportunities prove that the livestock sector in Indonesia is a great place to invest. Here are some other reasons you can consider when investing in this sector.

  • Ecosystem Potential in Indonesia

Indonesia’s natural resources and agro-ecosystem potential have contributed significantly to the development of the goat farming industry. Moreover, the market potential is enormous as the population grows and investors turn to the farmland sector. Therefore, the interest of investors who want to invest in Indonesia in the farming sector is very high.

The market opportunity and demand for goats are indeed huge. Furthermore, goats have very promising global market segmentations in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Therefore, goat cattle may become a top development priority. 

  • Growing Goat Farming Business

The goat is one of the main livestock commodities in ensuring national food security as a source of animal protein. Goat farmland business products can be in the form of goat meat or milk. Apart from raising goats, another source of income for goat breeders is from business development, such as processed goat milk.

Proper management of the goat farming business is needed to meet these needs. Applying an agribusiness system to goat farms is an alternative for goat farm entrepreneurs to increase their income.

The high development of the goat business in Indonesia is caused by various factors, such as:

  1. To raise public awareness of the importance of consuming animal protein.
  2. To increase people’s income
  3. To provide good resources for breeders, and
  4. Livestock institutions are starting to be organized.

Furthermore, compared to raising cattle, goats require more affordable feed costs. They eat the leaves of various plants and grow in smaller areas than cows.

Goats’ role as milk producers is about 60% greater than their role as meat producers. Several studies have stated that each type of goat has quite a variety of production performances, both as a producer of milk and meat.

Additionally, goats are able to adapt to conditions in areas where food sources are scarce and are part of human livestock.

  • Processed Goat Milk is in High Demand

In addition to meat as a result of the goat farming business, it can also take advantage of the potential for milk that can be produced every day, increasing the farmer’s income. Cow’s milk still dominates dairy processing businesses in the market today.

It is known that goat’s milk has advantages over cow’s milk. However, the dairy business is still dominated by cow’s milk. Therefore it is necessary to develop a goat’s milk processing business because the market potential for processed goat’s milk is still very open.


Challenges in the Livestock Business Sector

Indonesia’s livestock industry, especially goats, remains relatively weak despite the very high demand for meat and milk. Meat and milk consumption is increasing year by year. So what are the challenges of livestock farming in Indonesia?

  • Facilities and Infrastructure

Facilities and infrastructure can directly affect animal yields. Facilities and infrastructure exist in the form of clean water, pastures, and dry areas for livestock. Although Indonesia is a relatively large country, the available rangelands and drylands are rather limited. Breeders have difficulty finding suitable sites to raise their cattle as most have started the conversion.

  • Human Resources

Dedicated manpower to produce livestock according to market demand is still in short supply in Indonesia. Qualified knowledge and really needed in the animal husbandry world.

  • Feed Resources

The main requirement that often causes problems is feed. To date, most breeders have to rely on the utilization of seasonal feed and crop waste or by-products. Farmers in East Indonesia often make use of agricultural waste as feed is very difficult to obtain in this region.

In this case, many young people who are well versed in nutrition and feed technology will need to come up with new innovations that can serve as substitutes or supplements to nutritious feeds for livestock in order for livestock to thrive and thrive.

Some of the major issues above should make many people take animal husbandry more seriously to get out of the crisis by enabling Indonesia to produce beef and milk independently.


The Benefit of Goat Milk

Goat Milk Production Indonesia - Araca Milk
Goat Milk Production Indonesia – Araca Milk

It is well known that the opportunities and markets for the goat milk farming are still wide open. This is due to the extraordinary benefits of goat milk. This commodity actually has the potential to be developed if people know the benefits of goat’s milk and how to produce good milk.

So what are the health benefits of goat milk? Find out here.

  • High in Calcium

Did you know that goat’s milk contains more calcium than cow’s milk? Plus, this type of milk is rich in minerals and is very good for growing and staying healthy. 

Calcium definitely plays a big role in the human body. For example, teeth and bones are two of the many parts of the body that require calcium. Consuming goat’s milk is also very good for children. 

  • Reduce the Risk of Cholesterol

Regular consumption of goat milk improves overall health. Studies show that the medium-chain fatty acids in milk can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Goat’s milk contains more of this type of fatty acid than cow’s milk.

In addition to cholesterol levels, these same fatty acids may also help treat health conditions such as coronary artery disease and bowel problems. Helps maintain general health unless

  • Prevent Stunting and Malnutrition

Stunting is a condition in which a child does not receive enough nutrients to support growth. As such, they may grow more slowly than other children of the same age. This condition can occur due to the way parents raise their children. Both the environment and before the baby was born. Above all, pregnant women need to eat well from the first day. 

According to the SSGI, 24.4% of Indonesian children are expected to be stunted by 2021, representing almost a quarter of the child population. Meanwhile, the government is doing its best to reduce that number by distributing more goat milk to pregnant women and all their children, especially those showing signs of stunted growth. In contrast, goat milk contains many of the vitamins and minerals necessary to meet nutritional needs to prevent growth retardation.

  • Easier to Digest than Milk from Other Animals

In general, cow’s milk and goat’s milk contain relatively the same fat content. However, the fat granules in goat milk are smaller, making it easier to digest than milk from other animals. This is because the curd softens as milk enters the stomach.

Therefore, if lactose is not a problem, altering your milk consumption with lactose can help. Those lactose intolerant should consult their doctor before consuming goat milk products.

  • Improves Skin Tone

Goat’s milk not only improves many aspects of the body for health, but is also an excellent way to improve skin tone. This type of milk is rich in triglycerides and fatty acids. It moisturizes the skin from within.

Additionally, goat milk is a rich source of vitamin A, which is necessary for skin to glow and slough off dead skin cells. You may have noticed that many cosmetics and personal care products are enriched with goat milk. So, this is a great opportunity to participate in the investment.

Araca Milk as a Top Goat Milk in Indonesia

Araca Milk is a newly established Etawa Goat Farm in  Silakalang, Bali. This is Bali’s first goat farm and ensures that procedures comply with international standards. Therefore, Araca Milk goes to great lengths to ensure goat health, hygiene, and product safety.

So, what makes Araca Milk different from other Etawa goat farms?

1. Have Good Feed Quality

Araca Milk guarantees to provide a highly concentrated feed. In addition, the quality of goat milk provided by Araca Milk is maintained because no preservatives are used.

The quality of feed determines the quality of milk. Grass-fed cows produce better quality milk and vice versa. This is to meet the nutritional needs of goats, unlike non-green feed.

Araca milk provides ample vegetables for every goat. In addition, a goat is fed approximately 6 kg of feed per head per day to support optimal growth. The company cares not only about food, but also about where the goats grow. 

2. Odorless

The problem with goats, whether it’s milk or meat, is goat odor. Araca Milk does not have such a problem. The company separates male and female goats at its milking facility to ensure the milk meets international standards and can be sold. Milk obtained from male Etawa goats generally has a distinctive odor that can contaminate products from female goats.

3. Well Maintained Place

These places are sunny and well ventilated. It’s important to give your goat enough space to prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses. Among them, Araca Milk always supplies high quality Etawa goat milk.

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4. The Best Place for Investment

Goat’s milk is good for health, but the reality is that it is not well known in the market. So Susu Araca came up with a solution. To make healthy goat milk available to the community so that everyone can benefit from the product.

As a company, Araca Milk is passionate about improving people’s health while making a profit. On the one hand, they maintain an eco-friendly business. As a new brand, Araca Milk welcomes those planning to invest in livestock.

Araca - Best Goat Milk -3D Logo
Araca – Best Goat Milk -3D Logo


Goat milk is rich in nutrients that humans need. Various studies have proven this, one of which is that it is very good for children’s growth as it can prevent stunting.

Not only in terms of its ingredients, but the goat milk farming in Indonesia is also a very promising investment area. This is because it is supported by various kinds of land and weather conditions in Indonesia to market needs and opportunities. Its availability is not as high as that of cow’s milk, but its demand in society is quite high. This makes investors bold enough to invest in this business.

PT Araca Milk Industry is one of the best goat milk industries in society. Although still a new company, this company implements international standards in all production processes. Therefore, this industry is a good goat milk farming in Indonesia to invest in.

PT Araca Milk Industry 

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.12, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Website :

Instagram :

Whatsapp : +628113700387

Email : [email protected]

Youtube :

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Twitter :


1. Why should you invest goat farm in Indonesia?

There are some reasons:

  • In terms of ecosystem potential in Indonesia, such as natural resources and agro-ecosystems.
  • The management of the goat livestock business continues to grow.
  • The high demand for goat’s milk in society.

2. Does Araca Milk Indonesia open investment opportunities?

Yes. Araca Milk invites investors to explore the international market.

3. Why is Araca Milk the best goat milk for investment?

As a company, Araca Milk is passionate about improving people’s health while making a profit. On the one hand, they maintain an eco-friendly business. As a new brand, Araca Milk welcomes those planning to invest in livestock.


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