Goat Milk Production Industry - Araca Milk
Goat Milk Production Industry – Araca Milk

Goat milk production Indonesia are growing rapidly due to the increasing demand from the Indonesian people. This increase is due to the fact that compounds found in goat milk are beneficial to health and the immune system.

Goat milk as a substitute for cow’s milk contains many nutrients that are good for the body. In fact, there is a lot of it because it is easier to obtain than cow’s milk in the world.

As for the content in it, there are calories, protein, calcium, phosphorus, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. In one glass serving of goat’s milk, there are generally 168 calories, 9 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 grams of sugar. 

The high demand for goat milk has great potential for industrial development of the livestock sector. Therefore, investing money in a goat milk production and industry is the right choice. This article discusses the prospects of goat milk farming, especially in Indonesia. You will also learn about the functions and benefits of goat milk in your daily life.


Goat Milk Production in Indonesia : Opportunities and Challenges 

One of the reasons behind the development of the livestock industry in Indonesia is that Indonesia is located in the tropics. This will make various livestock activities such as water and feed available in Indonesia.

When it comes to the dairy industry, Indonesia is a big market. According to Statista, the Indonesian dairy industry is projected to generate US$10.6 billion in sales in 2022 alone.

This figure ranks Indonesia as the fourth largest source of income in the world, after India, China and the United States. Statista also forecasts in the same report that the market will still grow at 5.47% annually. This means that Indonesia has great potential in the dairy industry.

So what are the opportunities and challenges for goat milk production and industry in Indonesia?

Opportunities : 

  • Livestock Ecosystem Support in Indonesia

The world of livestock in Indonesia has increased in recent years. Based on the records of the Ministry of Agriculture, the development of population and production, investment, the livestock sector is actually quite good. It can be seen, the number of workers and increased production that boosted GDP from the livestock sub-sector.

  • Improving Agribusiness Systems for Goat Farming

Good management of the goat livestock business is needed to meet these needs. The application of an agribusiness system to goat farms is an alternative for goat farm entrepreneurs to increase their income.

According to the BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics), the Indonesian goat population was recorded at 19.01 million in 2015, and is slowly moving to 19.23 million in 2021. Regionally, Java has the largest goat population. Therefore, the interest of investors who want to invest in Indonesia in the goat farming sector is very high. 

Data BPS Populasi Kambing (Goat Population) Indonesia - Araca Milk
Data BPS Populasi Kambing (Goat Population) Indonesia – Araca Milk. Sumber : https://www.bps.go.id/indicator/24/472/1/populasi-kambing-menurut-provinsi.html

The reason why there are so many goat farms in Indonesia is that the importance of consuming animal protein is generally recognized. In addition, resources and livestock systems began to be developed in an orderly fashion, making it easier to train livestock farmers.

Compared to raising cattle, goats require more affordable feed costs. They eat the leaves of various plants and grow in smaller areas than cows.

Furthermore, goats’ role as dairy producers is about 60% greater than their role as meat producers. Several studies have found that different goat farms have very different production efficiencies as milk and meat producers.

  • High Demand for Goat Milk

The development of the dairy goat farming business in Indonesia during the last 10 years has shown a positive trend. The increase in goat farming business is inseparable from the positive response from the goat milk market.

Kebutuhan Susu di Indonesia - Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu di Indonesia – Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu Kambing - Google Trends - Araca Milk
Kebutuhan Susu Kambing – Google Trends – Araca Milk

Currently, data on the production and market share of goat milk in Indonesia is not yet available. However, observations in the field show that the demand for goat’s milk is quite high, especially from people who live in urban areas. This is because consumers believe that goat’s milk can help with health problems, such as heart disease and digestion.

Challenges : 

Indonesia’s livestock industry, especially goats, remains relatively weak despite very high demand for meat and milk. Meat and milk consumption are increasing year by year. So what are the challenges of livestock farming in Indonesia?

  • Farm Land is Still Limited

Even though Indonesia is a relatively large country, available grazing land and dry land are rather limited. Farmers are having a hard time finding suitable locations for farming as most have started conversion.

Therefore, the availability of facilities and infrastructure in the form of clean water, pasture and dry land for livestock is urgently needed. Because, it can directly affect livestock yields.

  • Human Resources

Dedicated manpower to produce livestock according to market demand is still in short supply in Indonesia. Qualified knowledge and really needed in the animal husbandry world.

  • Feed Resources

One of the determining factors for the success of livestock development in Indonesia is the availability of feed resources for livestock. Livestock development still depends on the adequacy of forage availability, both in quantity and balance throughout the year.

Forages used for livestock often experience shortages in the dry season with low quality. In addition, land use for forage crops is still in competition with food crops, because forage crops have not become a priority.

Farmers in Eastern Indonesia often use agricultural waste as feed which is very difficult to obtain in this region. Agricultural waste is feed sourced from food crop waste and its production is highly dependent on the type and number of planting areas of food crops in an area.

This agricultural waste is categorized as feed with high fiber and low protein. Therefore, it is hoped that the younger generation who are proficient in nutrition and feed technology will need to come up with new innovations that can substitute or complement nutritious feed for livestock so that livestock can grow and develop.

Araca Goat Milk Industry
Araca Goat Milk Industry


Benefits of Etawa Goat’s Milk for Body Health

In addition to cow’s milk and other plant-based milks, the benefits of Etawa goat milk are also very good for your health. This is because it contains essential nutrients. In fact, it is said that this milk has almost the same nutritional value as breast milk.

1. Prevention of bone loss and anemia

Goat milk is easy to drink not only for children and adults, but also for the elderly. The reason is that it can speed up the regeneration of hemoglobin. This is a safe and natural way to deal with the problem of bone loss and anemia.It also prevents neurodegenerative diseases due to its high zinc and selenium content.

2. Supports the immune system

In fact, the protein and calcium levels in this type of goat’s milk are higher than in cow’s milk. It also contains carbohydrates, which are prebiotics. The level of prebiotic carbohydrates in goat milk is called oligosaccharides, the same type of carbohydrates found in breast milk.

These prebiotic carbohydrates can support the development of good bacteria in the digestive system and are very beneficial for humans. It can fight diseases, especially infections that occur in the digestive system.

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3. Improve complexion

Goat milk not only improves health in many aspects of the body, but it is also the best way to improve skin tone. This type of milk is rich in triglycerides and fatty acids. It moisturizes your skin from within.

In addition, goat milk is a rich source of vitamin A, which is necessary for skin glow and shedding of dead skin cells. So it’s a great time to participate in the investment

4. Good for the heart

High in magnesium, this milk is also good for heart health. The magnesium it contains helps maintain a normal heartbeat and prevents the formation of blood clots that raise cholesterol levels.

Additionally, magnesium interacts with vitamin D, which is very important for heart health. The magnesium content of Etawa goat milk is even higher than that of cow’s milk. 

5. Improve your child’s intelligence

Goat’s milk is not only good for fetal bone formation, but it can also support the development of intelligence and memory in children. Contains riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin B3

Not just for children, the ingredients found in Etawa goat milk may promote the growth of fetal brain cells.

6. Treat Respiratory Diseases

In the world of alternative medicine, Etawa goat milk is known for its ability to treat various respiratory ailments such as asthma, tuberculosis (TB), and even lung spots.

This is because the flour and beta-casein found in Etawa goat milk are substances that can support the healing process of this disease.

7. Good for diabetes prevention and treatment

Finally, the benefits of Etawa goat milk for people with diabetes or those who may be suffering from this disease. It can support the process of insulin formation.

For optimal results, diabetics are advised to drink pure Etawa farm-raised goat milk without artificial sweeteners or other additives.

8. Lower blood pressure

Is your blood pressure high? Toppers can lower blood pressure by consuming Etawa goat milk, which contains calcium and vitamin D that help stabilize blood pressure.

Due to the still limited scientific evidence, this section cannot be used as a reference. However, calcium content can narrow blood vessels, which may lower high blood pressure.


Araca Milk as a Top Goat Milk in Indonesia

Best Goat Milk - Araca Milk
Best Goat Milk – Araca Milk


Araca Milk is here to meet the market need for goat milk. Susu Araca is an Etawa Goat Farm based in Silakalang, Bali and the first supplier of packaged goat milk in Indonesia.

Although classified as a newly established business, Araca Milk meets international standards thanks to its quality. What are some qualities?

When it comes to feed, Araca Milk guarantees a re-enriched goat feed. The quality of goat feed naturally determines the quality of the milk produced. Araca milk provides plenty of vegetables for goats. Goats are fed approximately 6 kg of feed per head per day to support healthy livestock growth.

In addition to feed quality, Araca Milk also cares about animal health. One of the factors that make livestock unhealthy is the condition of the enclosure or farm. It needs a bright, well-ventilated area to prevent bacteria and viruses from taking root.

To avoid unpleasant odors in the milk produced, Araca Milk separates male and female goats during milking. This is because milk obtained from male Etawa goats generally has a distinctive odor that can affect the quality of milk produced by female goats.

Other than for humans, raw goat milk has less lactose than cow’s milk, is easily absorbed by dogs and cats and has other important nutrients such as fatty acids. It is ideal for those your pets with sensitivities. Simply thaw and drizzle over your pet’s food at meal time.

Best Goat Milk for Pets Dogs Cats - Araca Milk
Best Goat Milk for Pets Dogs Cats – Araca Milk

So, what about prices? Araca Milk’s goat milk is reasonably priced, so you don’t have to worry about it because everyone can buy it just like regular cow’s milk. Despite low prices, the industry still cares about consumers and their environment.

Araca Milk realizes that the market potential is huge while goat milk production and industry in Indonesia are still limited. Therefore, as an industry that is still new it is not impossible to generate joint profits by investing in this sector.

PT Araca Milk Industry

Business Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu No.10, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Website : https://aracamilk.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aracamilk/

Whatsapp : +628113700387

Email : [email protected]

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@araca-milk-susu-kambing

TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@aracamilk


The Bottom Line

The high demand for goat milk in Indonesia presents a great opportunity to start a goat farming business. This is driven by public awareness of the health benefits of goat milk.

It is necessary not only for children and adults, but also for the elderly who need goat milk to help strengthen their bones and muscles.In addition, goat milk is also a medicine for various ailments such as anemia, tuberculosis and diabetes.

To meet the needs of the market, Araca Milk offers high quality goat milk, naturally rich in nutrients. This is proven by the international standard quality that Araca Milk has even though it is still relatively new.

Therefore, production and distribution should be facilitated so that the quality of Indonesian goat milk reaches the entire community. One way is to invest in goat milk production and industry Indonesia. If you are looking for a safe investment path, you can invest in Araca Milk.



1. Where is the Biggest Goat Farm in Indonesia?

PT Araca Milk Industry in Bali, Indonesia

2. Why goat milk farm is the best place for investment?

The development of the dairy goat farming business in Indonesia over the last 10 years has shown a positive trend. The increase in the goat farming business is inseparable from the positive response from the goat milk market.

3. What are the advantages of Araca Milk as a good business for investment?

Araca Milk continues to maintain its quality. Starting from the aspect of feed, cages, to the quality of the milk which doesn’t smell at all.

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